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HRMS - Your HR Software
HRMS software Human Resource Management System developed by NextGen is focused on high value features that transforms organization’s information into a strategic management tool for more effective and accurate employee management. The functionalities of our HRMS software give organizations access to Human Resource data, which is critical to support each decision of the management. HRMS provides an effective means of administering, monitoring and managing data as it focuses on human capital. Human Resource Management System (HRMS Software) includes Payroll, Leave Management, Employee Transfer / Promotion / Increment, HR Procedures, Employee Profile, Recruitment Process, Training Process, LTA Reimbursement, Medical Reimbursement, PF/ESI/TDS Statutory Forms, Final Settlement, etc. In simple words, our HRMS software covers all the aspects right from Recruitment to Retirement in any organization.

Payroll Management Software
Payroll Management software developed by NextGen automates the Payroll generation process. Payroll software also automates the Leave/Time Management. In accordance with the Attendance, the payroll is generated. Payroll software includes Employee Profile, Leave Management, Time Management, Payroll / Payslip generation, Employee Transfer / Promotion / Increment, HR procedures, Bonus, etc. Payroll Management software includes evens the Provident Fund and ESIC requirements. The taxation forms viz. ESIC challans, PF Challans, Form 3, Form 3A, Form 10, Form 10C, etc. of the Government of India have also been incorporated in this software. Payroll software is very user-friendly and drastically cuts down the time spent on the cumbersome Payroll generation process. Also PF and ESIC forms are covered through the Payroll software itself.

Online ESS
ESS module developed by NextGen enables employee login on web with their user id and password, at online ESS employee can see their Payslips, Tax Calculations, Colleagues Birth dates, Company policies, declare investments, see their profile, apply leaves and see their leave status as on date. ESS is fully compatible with our Payroll Software.

TDS Software
TDS software developed by NextGen automates the Income Tax process. The taxation forms viz. Form16, Form12BA, Form16AA, Form16A, Form24, Form26, Form27, Form27A etc. of the Government of India have been incorporated in this software. TDS software is very user-friendly and drastically cuts down the time spent on the making of eTDS Returns.

Inventory Control & Tracking/Monitoring Software
Our Inventory Tracking/Management software shall be customized to your requirements and implemented in your organization. The Inventory Tracking software keeps track of the Inventory of Raw Materials, all transactions of Purchase Invoice & Purchase Order, Projection of the quantity of finished product possible from the available raw materials, Supplier Payment, Customer Payment, Ledgers for Raw Material / Product / Supplier / Customer, etc. All types of Ledgers, Ageing reports, Stock reports, Pending/Completed Purchase Order details, Complete/In process/Cancelled/Pending orders and many other helpful reports are made available through the software itself.

Financial accounting & control system
The system addresses seamlessly every aspect of financial accounting and reporting including budgeting, cost centers, financial statements and an exhaustive reporting system.

A specialized composite school management system to monitor and control student details, fees, results, bus routes, payroll, financial accounting and an MIS.

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