Offshore Software Development

NextGen have built solutions for various industries including health care, construction, retail, education, and software to name a few. We pride ourselves on managing successful projects for all sectors and have earned an outstanding reputation through client referral. The strength of our team allows us to offer a varied range of services with software development. Our aim is to improve the clients’ business brand in order for the business to achieve and exceed its own objectives.

Programming Languages &Tools Java, Microsoft Visual J++, .NET platforms, C++, Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, XML, MS Visual Studio .NET
Application/Data Design SSADM and RAD, Data normalization, Database optimisation/performance tuning
Development Platforms & Technologies MS Access, DAO/RDO/ADO, COM components, IIS, Biztalk Server, MS Office VBA (including outlook/exchange forms), ActiveX controls, COM+, MSMQ, MTS, MS Content Management server, Sharepoint Portal server
Database Platforms Oracle, MS Access, MS SQL server, MySQL

We adapt to the changing needs of the client and the environment that the business demands, demonstrating that we are flexible and able to quickly respond to any internal or external issues. We do this by listening to the client, adapting their requirements to our professionalisms, which enables us to get everything right the first time, saving time and money for us and the client.
Our four phase approach to development is a formula to success, offering a timely and cost effective solution to every project.

During this stage the project will be outlined to cover all areas of design and implementation in a project proposal. This will ensure that the quality starts at an early stage, indicating key pointers and timescale's through the lifecycle of the project.

Once the client has approved the proposal our team will begin their work. Ongoing co-ordination with the client will again ensure quality whilst the client remains ‘involved’ during the project.

This stage allows the client to give any constructive feedback in order that the final solution meets the aims and objectives of the initial proposal.

Maintenance and on going support
A key role within any project is the maintenance and support element. When the project goes live, we will monitor the ongoing performance and actively seek feedback from the front line users of the software. We will encourage this process so that we can provide make any changes that are necessary and provide any training that may be required, giving you the best possible development solution.