The payroll software that solves all your payroll issue !

Payroll Management software developed by iNextGen automates the Payroll generation process. Payroll software also automates the Leave/Time Management. In accordance with the Attendance, the payroll is generated. Payroll software includes Employee Profile, Leave Management, Time Management, Payroll / Payslip generation, Employee Transfer / Promotion / Increment, HR procedures, Bonus, etc. Payroll Management software includes evens the Provident Fund and ESIC requirements. The taxation forms viz. ESIC challans, PF Challans, Form 3, Form 3A, Form 10, Form 10C, etc. of the Government of India have also been incorporated in this software. Payroll software is very user-friendly and drastically cuts down the time spent on the cumbersome Payroll generation process. Also PF and ESIC forms are covered through the Payroll software itself.

payroll software Features

iNextGen Payroll Software is one of our more successful and popular software, used by many Multinational Software companies, BPO Providers, Indian / Multinational Business Houses, Construction companies & Dot Com / Marketing / Finance/ Manufacturing Companies.

This versatile, user friendly, payroll software offers user defined Earning / Deduction / Loan Heads & Calculation Formulas / Tables. The payroll Software generates all the outputs & statutory reports required by a payroll Software. Every report gives the user a choice of sort order, selection of State, Branch, Department, Category etc. and other parameters to generate output as per requirement. Outputs can be on Screen, Printer or HTML / CSV / Excel / Word / Text File. Our payroll Software also has a built-in facility to directly E Mail the Salary Slip etc. to the Employees, Salary Statement etc. to Branches & Salary Disbursement Output to Bank as per the format required by the Bank.

Our 'open-minded' approach of ensuring that the Payroll software is totally adapted as per Customer's requirement, helping to convert the existing data at the time of installation and providing continuous after sales support & service, are the primary reasons of this software being used by a wide spectrum of clientele.


Earnings, Deductions & Loan Headings user defined & as per requirement with options for Formulas / Calculation Tables, Fixed / Variable Earnings & Deductions, Taxable / Projection for IT Calculations Round-Off / Pro-Rata for Days Absent Employee Photo Can be Inserted, Grouping for Salary Statement, Interest Calculation for Loans, User defined options for Employee Code / Branch / Department / Grade / Cost Code / Location / Category / Designation / Reporting To / Payment By [Bank] / Outside Agencies [Insurance / Loan / Quarters / Canteen / Credit Society] / 16 extra provisions for Additional Data Multiple Reprocessing for Entire Payroll / Selected Employees Selected State / Branch / Category / Department. Data for previous months can be Viewed / Directly changed Option for Single Employee / Many Employees, For a Month / Multiple Months.


Detailed comparison with previous month’s Payroll [Reconciliation], Calculations of Earnings [HRA / CCA] & Deductions [Prof. Tax] as per tables, Automatic Loan Deductions and Interest Calculations, Automatic updation of TDS as per I.T. computation, Automatic updation of Loan & Medical Balances and making variable headings [e.g. OT Hours, Advances etc.] zero for next month's processing, Arrears Calculation & Salary Slip & Statement for Arrears, Bonus / Gratuity


User Defined Company Details Address, Phone, E Mail, Contact Person, IT Related Info. Etc., Link for Leave / Attendance, Agency Details for Deductions Insurance Premium, Outside Loans etc., Direct Loan Re-payments [Outside Payroll] E.M.I. / Interest Calculations for New Loan, Details of contributions, Loan & Loan re-payment to Credit Society, Direct Payments [Outside Payroll], Slip / Statement / Bank Intimation Included for Income Tax Calculations, Easy Creation of Employee Master Direct Entry, Entirely separate module for faster & convenient entry of new employees, Minimal data entry Initially All the relevant data of earning and deduction can be then filled in as per user’s convenience.

Convenient Data Updation

Employee All the changes related to an Employee under one menu option, with well-designed screens.


The Employee’s Master Data as well as the Salary Data can be exported to CSV / TXT / WORD / EXCEL / HTML files etc. for Managerial Analysis, Forecasting and Budgetary Reviews. All reports also provide an option for directly creating a CSV / TXT / WORD / EXCEL / HTML output of the report.


The Package generates

All the outputs & statutory reports required by a payroll application Selection of State / Location / Department / Location / Category Allows to generate report / output for Selected of Employees Selection of many other parameters as per requirement Outputs can be on Screen, Printer Option for Export to HTML / TXT / WORD / EXCEL / CSV Formats Choice of sort order, Most of the reports can be assigned a user defined sort order of State, Code Department, Location & Category Built-in Emailing Facility Salary Slip to the Employees Header / Footer User defined as per Requirements Printing Options Each report has many user defined options to fine-tune the report as per requirements.

General Payroll Reports

Pay slip - Birth Day / Wedding Anniversary Messages Options
Pay Slip (YTD) - Selection of Starting – ending Month & Year
Salary Statement - State / Location / Department / Category Wise and Grand Summaries
Salary Summary - State / Location / Department / Category Wise
Flat file output for Bank - Selection of Formats of required by different Bank Bank Statement - Bank Wise Statements for Multiple Bank Account No. Details Cheque Statement - Option for Enter Cheque Nos. also Code / Name / Location / Department / Category Wise Cash Register - Code / Name / Location / Department / Category Wise Earning / Deduction Statement - Code / Name / Location / Department / Category Wise and Selection for Choose the Earning / Deduction Head

Leave Reports

Leave Ledger - Starting – Ending Employee & Date Selection
Leave Register - Starting – Ending Employee & Date Selection


Overtime Register - Code / Name / Location / Department / Category Wise and Selection for Report Name

Loan Reports

Ledger - Employee / Loan Head wise and Option for Starting – Ending Date, Option to Select Loan Type / employee Loan Register - Employee / Loan Head wise and Option for Starting – Ending Date, Option to Select Loan Type / employee Interest Calculation - Employee / Loan Head wise and Option for Starting – Ending Date, Option to Select Loan Type / employee

Reimbursement Reports

Reimbursement Ledger - Employee / Head wise Option for Starting – Ending Date and Employees Reimbursement Summary - Employee / Head wise Option for Starting – Ending Date and Employees Unpaid Vouchers Paid Thru Salary Paid Thru Vouchers

Reimbursement Reports

Date of Birth
Increment Due List
Employee History
Left Employee
Department Strength
Attendance Statistics
Full & Final Sheet
List of Employees
Due for Retirement
Employees Not Confirmed
Salary Entitlement (CTC)
Date of Joining
PF Eligibility Register

Salary Reconciliation

Salary Entitlement - Compares & reports changes in the Employee Master as compared to the master data of the previous month. Paid Salary - Compares the Monthly Processed of the Current Monthly v/s the Previous Month & Reports Changes / Addition / Deletion Employee Related Reports

ESI Reports

ESI Monthly Deduction Statement - ESI No. Wise sorting, Employer’s & Employee’s Contribution
Deposit Challan
Form No. 6 (Half – Yearly)
Form No. 7 (Half – Yearly)
Form No. 3
Form No. 1

PF Reports

PF Monthly Deduction Statement - PF No. Wise sorting, Employer’s & Employee’s Contribution Dtails of EPF & VPF, Details of Admn. & EDLI Charges
Form No.5 (Monthly) - For New Joining Employees
Form No. 10 (Monthly) - For Left Employees
Form No. 12A (Monthly)
PF Deposit Challan - For A/C Nos. 1, 2, 10, 21, 22, Employer Share, Employee Share, PF Admin / DLI charges
Form No.3A (Yearly) - Employee Wise
Form No. 6A (Yearly)
Form No. 2 - Employee Nomination Form
PF Data for PF Department


Bonus Calculation - Code / Name / Department / Location / Category wise Option for Starting – Ending Date Option to Select Employee, Option to Select Bonus % / Maximum Salary
Bonus Payment Register
Summary of Bonus
Reconciliation of Bonus - Compares the Bonus Amount on the Current Year v/s the Previous Year


Form 16 / form12BA
Form24Q - Quarterly return
Tax Computation Sheet
Pay card - Employees Full Year Data
Salary Certificate
TDS Deduction Certificate


Basic Data

Basic Details - Employee Name, ID, Address, Phone Nos. E Mail, Photo Image Personal Data - Birth Date,
Gender, Marital Status / Anniversary Date, Spouse’s Name Dependants, Father’s Name, Religion, Permanent / Emergency / Present Address, Emergency Contact, Medical Details, Employment - Employment History, Current Employment Details, Academics & Work Info. Category - User Defined State, Department, Grade, Location & Category, Designation, Disbursement - Payment Mode, Cash / Cheque / Bank with Bank Account No. Statutory Information - PAN. PF, EPS, ESIC, Gratuity Nos., Additional data - Any other, user defined

Earnings & Deductions

Each Earning & Deduction Head User defined Name Formulas / Calculations Options for Taxable / Projection Options for Rounding Off & Pro-rata Deductions [for days absent], Earning and Deduction classifications, Fixed [Basic, DA, HRA etc.] Variable [O.T., Allowances, Advance etc.] Provision of additional, user defined Other Earnings & Deductions


Complete Loans details - Sanction Date, Principal, Balance, Monthly Installment, Total Interest Deducted Monthly Interest and method for interest calculations Provision for details of direct payments [outside payroll]


Policy No. - Membership Date / Opening Balance, Month-wise detail contributions.

Direct Arrears

For any Earning / Deduction / Loan Head. Directly Merged in the respective monthly data

Closing of Current Month

After running this option the variable heads are set to zero, the Loan Balances and Medical Reimbursement Balance are updated to allow data for the next month to be entered. After closing current month it will not be possible to re-process the previous month

Processing/ Re-Processing

One Time Processing of the current month Multiple Reprocessing for Entire Payroll / Selected Employees / Selected Location / Selected Department Processed Month Changes Data for previous months can be Viewed [For a Month / Multiple Months] Directly changed Single / Worksheet Direct Payments Additional module is provided for any direct payments/recoveries [outside the payroll]. Month / For a Period.

Direct Payments

Bonus, Incentive, LTA, Leave Encashment, Medical Reimbursement, Ex- Gratia, etc.. Recoveries - Advance or IT


User & Security

Add User Group - Option for defines any No. Of User Groups, Add User - Option for defines any no. Of Users, Delete User - Option for Deletion of any User, Change Password / Group - Option for Change Password / Group for any user View User - Option for View all User Names & Passwords, Define group Access - Option for define access for any user, Full Access / No Access / No Update / No Delete / Only View.

House Keeping

Backup / Restore Database - Option for taking backups on Hard Disk or any other medium (Floppy / Zip Drive etc.) Option for Restore backups from the Particular dates.