TDS - Professional

TDS software developed by iNextGen automates the Income Tax process. The taxation forms viz. Form16, Form12BA, Form16AA, Form16A, Form24, Form26, Form27, Form27A etc. of the Government of India have been incorporated in this software. TDS software is very user-friendly and drastically cuts down the time spent on the making of eTDS Returns.


1. Preperation of Quarterly TDS Returns [Form 24Q, Form 26Q and Form 27Q].
2. Prepearation of Quarterly TCS Returns [Form 27EQ]
3. Electronic filing of TDS and TCS Returns, as per the file structure specified by NSDL.
4. In Built File Validation Utility to validate that, it should be accepted in TIN Facilitation center [or Online Upload]
5. Simple entry povision for Salary Details [Optional]
6. User Friendly interface for entry of Deductions and Challans under Form 24Q, 26Q and 27Q.
7. Automated/Manual Linking of Deductions to the challans with flexibility to edit it anytime.
8. Creation of challans from Deductions entered, so that it can fit for regular usage.
9. Printing of TDS Challans [ITNS 281].
10. Copy the data directly to Floppy on successfull validation.
11. Genreation of TDS Certificates. [Form 16 as well as Form 16 A]
12. Generation of TCS Certificates [Form 27D]
13. Genreation of Correction statement(s) for the regular/correction statements filed.